I suffered from chronic lower back pain for several years before coming to see Dr. Jason. I was told by several chiropractors and doctors that I needed back surgery. I also suffered from infertility. Within 2 months of starting to see Dr. Jason, not only does my back not hurt as often, but my range of motion has improved greatly, and IM PREGNANT!! My husband and I are both so thankful that we found DR. Jason and his wonderful staff. This is a lifestyle change that I would highly recommend to everyone.
I have been going to Revolution Chiropractic since May of this year. I have had terrible allergy and sinus problems for the past ten years. Every year I would get a sinus infection that would turn into a double ear infection, tonsillitis and bronchitis. I hated going to the doctor and figured I could cure myself with over the counter medicine, but only made myself worse. By the time I got to the doctor they would load me up on medication and I would take it for two weeks to a month until I got better. It was a never ending cycle. I finally switched to an ENT specialist and they told me to look into chiropractic care. I was still weary about going so I continued to put it off until I got sick five times in a three month period. I thought to myself, something has to change. I cannot take off work all the time.

The ENT then asked me again, have you looked into chiropractic care? I told them no. I was still very unsure of it and I was scared to get an adjustment done. What if they hurt me and made me worse? The following weekend I went to an expo at the fairgrounds and they had a Maximized Living booth giving out free spinal scans. I thought okay what can it hurt to give this a try. I did and it showed me my neck area was bright red. Those nerves and my spine were misaligned which were causing all my sinus problems. I then immediately made an appointment.

When I walked into Revolution Chiropractic I was still unsure, but curious at this point. I have only heard people going to the chiropractor for back problems and not anything else. I was desperate for help though. I was tired of being sick all the time4. My first appointment was very informative. The second appointment was eye opening. They taught me how to read an x-ray. As they took me back to view my x-rays, I was amazed to see my spine was causing all my symptoms. That night, I started my chiropractic care. I was very nervous for my first adjustment, but there was nothing to it.

It has been about six months now and I am sleeping better. I hardly snore anymore, I no longer have sleep apnea, I haven't had any sinus problems and have only had one head cold which lasted about two days. I feel fantastic! I recommend everyone to try Revolution Chiropractic. I was very skeptical at trying, but now that I have, I couldn't imagine my life without it.
As we come to the end of this amazing year 2015, it is a privilege for me to offer reflections about myself and my new family at Revolution Chiropractic. This year was a pinnacle year for me, as I relocated to Raleigh last November to further pursue my career and the possibilities of a new life. The quest was full of tireless work hours, sometimes seven days a week for most of the year. My efforts were blessed and in September I went back to Florida, packed up my mother and moved her here to our new home.

Our arrival came bittersweet. This lower back pain wouldn't go away, I couldn't ignore it anymore. It was only getting worse. My happiness was drowned in the anguish that I had been experiencing for the last few months. The need to perform in my daily life quickly led me to the closest drugstore I could find. It was trial and error trying to pick the right over the counter medication (or combination thereof) that would provide ANY relief whatsoever. It was not uncommon for me to take ten or more of these pills a day.

Debilitating pain does not do this justice. To not be able to stand for for five minutes or sit for as long without wanting to cry left me in a constant state of prayer. I never pleaded so much for God's mercy. Not being able to stand in an aisle at the grocery store, or take care of myself at home had every area in my life in misery. I had no health insurance and already paid someone to tell me that they needed to cut me open and fuse my bones together in order to heal me. I didn't want that. I don't want to be cut open. There had to be another way, and I knew that chiropractic care was my only hope in an on-surgical solution.

God may not answer all of my prayers, but as fate would have it he placed my new home directly across the street from Revolution Chiropractic; for this I will consider myself forever in his grace. That day I fell into their arms a weary, vulnerable, pain grieved man. The aura present when I walked in that place made me smile for the first time since I could remember. It was obvious to them what was going on without me saying a word. I was immediately swept into a treatment room. They assessed my ailments and advocated that these problems have natural remedies. I was comforted with the assurance that this too shall pass. I WILL BE FIXED. They may not know it, but I had put my trust in them before they even said "Welcome."

This was different. This was not just an adjustment, then ice pack chiropractor. This was a MAXIMIZED LIVING practice. The education began on what they noted were the FIVE ESSENTIALS that work together not only to heal the body, mind and spirit,; but prevent disease and will allow me to reach untapped areas of health. It always made sense to me, I just finally found the right institution. We concluded my reviews with an affordable consultation including x-rays taken right in the office and customized payment options to fit my finances.

Treatment expeditiously followed, and my healing process began. I was committed to this. I was not going to get in the way of the gift I was being given. I showed up for every appointment, took every educational class and exercised with the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This was going to change my life... AND THEN IT CHANGED MY LIFE. The pain began to leave me. My body started functioning differently, my strength reappeared within weeks. Things started to feel so good that I dared to take a workout class at a gym. I did I walked the first week, ran and walked my second. I now run 30 minutes a class up to 3 times a week. I'm out of holes in my belth. I need a new one, because that story about "untapped health" seemed to be within reach after all. I am happier than I've ever been in my whole life, and it's a happiness from within. My physical being is happy.
I've always associated chiropractic care with back pain and spinal injuries due to a fall. When I attended the dinner with the doctor, I was not quite sure what to expect or how I could benefit. Although, I've suffered with lower back pain throughout the years, I've never considered it as chronic, or requiring attention from a physician.

Migraines have always been a part of my life since college years. This past year, my migraine events had increased to 2-4 per week. It had gotten so bad that I had to seek a headache specialist and started on preventative meds, which I was not happy about.

During my consultation visits at Revolution Chiropractic, I learned how important spinal alignment was. I never realized how much misalignment could affect other parts of the body. I decided to move forward with treatment in hopes that my lower back pain and migraines would cease.... eventually. I was skeptical that my care would somehow help reduce my headaches. I've had them for so long and thought they were a way of life and something that I had to just "deal with".

WIthin 6 weeks of adjustments, I noticed that my migraines had dwindled to less than 1 event per week. I've since decided to discontinue my meds (which was a goal of mine even prior to starting my chiropractic care). I have not had an event for over a month now!

Revolution Chiropractic has a nice sense of community and they are CONSTANTLY teaching their patients how to improve their lives outside of adjustments. They've taught me how to carry my care outside of the office--which is absolutely appreciated. It was not what I expected, however I am so happy that I am getting my care here.

Many thanks to the whole staff for always being helpful and in great spirits! You've made my experience so worth it.
For as long as I can remember, I have been overweight, tired, depressed....I could go on and on. Over 4 years ago, I decided (again) that I would work on getting healthier. I was caught in this constant circle of not being able ot exercise because I was too heavy and not losing weight because I couldn't exercise. I was also on a number of prescription medications that had terrible side effects. I began to try and lose the weight and actually lost 40 pounds. In the past, that is where it would always end. However, during this time I was lucky enough to me Dr. Baron. I am a very skeptical person, but what he was saying made total sense to me. So I decided to come into the office, have my x-rays, and learn more about the 5 Essentials. Boy am I glad I did!

Revolution Chiropractic has been like a second family. They are extremely supportive and always have your best interest at heart. The knowledge I have gained from being a part of this "family" has enabled me to live a better life and have a clearer vision of God's plan for me. From the exercise sessions to the wonderful seminars and workshops, I am constantly building upon my knowledge that insures I live the best life possible.

Now for the best part... 
  • I have lost 120 pounds.
  • I am no longer on any prescription medications! (I took medicine for high blood pressure and depression for over 30 years!)
  • I exercise on a regular basis!
  • I eat much better...haven't had a Diet Coke in over 5 years!!!
  • I have not been sick in 4+ years... not even a cold!
  • I feel better than I have ever felt in my life!

In 2016, I look forward to continuing my journey and when I can, help others to reach their full potential. I want to personally thank Danielle, Tamara and Dr. Jason. With the help of the staff at Revolution Chiropractic and with Dr. Jason at the helm, it is going to be a great year!!
I'd been having trouble sleeping for a little over a month when I came across a Maximized Living booth at the Mind, Body & Spirit EXPO in February of last year. One of the gentlemen stopped me long enough to convince me ot let him test their alignment machine on me. I don't remember his name, though I wish I did because he definitely changed my life that day, but for the sake of the story let's call him Ron.

On with the story...

Though I was familiar with the device from having seen a chiropractor previously, I allowed Ron to explain how the device worked and test it out on me. When the results appeared on the screen, I was a little flabbergasted. To say I had a cervical misalignment was putting it mildly. I asked Ron several questions regarding how a misalignment in that area would affect me physically. Is that something that could be corrected? About how long he thought such a correction would take, and so on. Of course, most of his answers didn't satisfy me because a lot depended on what my X-rays showed. As so, Ron began his pitch. I was ready to walk away and make an appointment to see my primary doctor and get her recommendations when something told me to stop and really listen. Ron explained how they would schedule me to come in for X-rays and when they were ready the doctor had a chance to review them, they would bring me in and discuss the results after telling me a little more about chiropractic care and Maximized Living. Only catch, if you want it it call it that, was I had to pay upfront and commit to the appointment.

Two weeks later, I found myself meeting with Tamara and Dr. Baron for the first time, I didn't meet Danielle until later. As I sat waiting to get the "results" of my X-rays, my mom beside me, I'm planning worst case scenario. Which to me was, "sorry, we can't fix the damage, it is too bad," and I'll never sleep through the night again. As long as he doesn't say that, anything is good news, right? So he comes in and puts my X-ray on the light box and I'm thinking to myself, "yeah, so. Looks like an X-ray to me."

That's when he started asking me questions about my symptoms, and asking about headaches and how often I got them and how severe they were. In hindsight, I should have been more concerned about Dr. Baron's fixation with headaches, but that's a story for another day. Within an hour, I'd learned that I was treatable, and a good night's sleep was somewhere in my future. I'd committed to coming in for an adjustment three times a week and I'd also made the decision, on my own, to get a massage at least once a week to help the muscles relax and allow the adjustment to take better hold.

Best Decision Ever!!!

That first adjustment took place in March 2015, I remember being hyper-vigilant wanting to keep track of any and all changes I felt, but for me chiropractic was a slow and subtle thing. One day I had an "AH HA" moment and I realized I'd slept through the night, and couldn't remember when I last awoke in the middle of the night. Of course, that same night I woke up, but I'd been sleeping fine before, I know I had. I noticed several other issues I have were changing, they were not as prevalent and causing as many concerns.

So I slowly began feeling better, day by day. It's a pretty awesome feeling to all of a sudden feel better, when you didn't think you felt bad to begin with.

I remember being excited to tell Dr. Baron that it had been two entire months since the last time I woke up in the middle of the night because I could not feel my arm anymore or because feeling suddenly came rushing back in and jolted me awake.

It's been ten months and I've gone from three adjustments a week down to one. From a -12 degree curve to a +10. I sleep through the night, I don't have headaches (not that I did before I started) and even though it's no testament to my actual health... I feel great!
I did a quick evaluation at the Body, Mind & Spirit show in Feb of 2015 and ended up coming in for a full evaluation. I have horrible RTP hunch (rounded shoulders, forward head) from sitting at the computer for hours a day. I needed help or I was going to be a hunched little old lady whacking people with my big purse. So I started with 3 times a week. My shoulders were so stiff and painful at the start but that soon went away and I felt like I was wobbling like a pro.

The other key thing you need to know about me is I have Lyme disease. I was diagnosed in 2010 and now in 2016, I am finally on a maintenance regime. Trust me, Lyme is not fun --body aches, fevers, brain fog, being so tired you want to sleep for a week, the list goes on. And I got it at Umstead Park, so please wear your bug spray and take each bite seriously. One of the delightful things about Lyme is you get so tired then wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep. I am finally sleeping through the night with only a very occasional late night facebook session. I credit chiropractic and a general improvement in my diet and health getting me to this wonderful blissful state. A full night's sleep is a wonderful thing! Adjusting my spine so that the energy was flowing and then using the essential oils for sleep made a huge difference.

In September 2016 the insurance company pulled me off my human growth hormone. We all need HGH to replenish at night and the Lyme bacteria had attacked my hormonal organs so that both my thyroid and the HGH were not being made. My adjustments have been the only thing that has enabled me to continue working and struggle through without the HGH. Keeping the energy glowing in my body with regular adjustments from Dr. Jason and the loving care from the staff is what keeps this girl going!

So I am more aware of my body and stay upright rather than hunched, I eat better, I get great body care -- when someone asks how I am I say GREAT -- and I'm only getting BETTER!
It feels like a lifetime ago, I was going through the motions of life: career, kids and just trying to stay fit to keep the stress at bay. Mentally and physically I was treading water and keeping myself afloat. I truly didn't realize it at the time. For work, I was driving long hours on the road to Philly, DC and Richmond along the I-96 corridor. Pain in my lower back after a long drive to my destination was just a given. If I wasn't working, I was laying down a lot and I mean a lot. So much so, I would literally plan time to lie down after each trip. Avoidance of the physical pain was impacting how I lived my life. It was now an obstacle to all I had set out to do with my life. Then one day, I walked into my gym and there was Revolution Chiropractic offering a free screening. I took that oh so hard first step of admitting to myself, "I need to make a change."

I wasn't sure what to expect. It's all new, right? Like walking off a spaceship and into a world of positive thinking professionals who knew my life would be changing for the better. I immediately got a positive mental boost. I was taking ownership and saying I don't have to accept the body's mileage I acquired from being in the military for years or years of just ignoring bad posture standing or when sitting at a desk. Yes, sitting at a desk or using your phone isn't helping your back over time. They have ways for you to combat those tolls of daily life.

My chronic lower back pain began to ease almost immediately. I went into the gym and began to do exercises and lifting weights my mind and body had led me to believe weren't possible. I began a total body transformation. I was gaining more energy. I listened to their suggestions on diet and began to learn how to cook even... plus it was in a very healthy manner. Bonus! I no longer just exercised but created bodybuilding goals. I packed on 30 pounds of muscle... which by the way, muscle development does wonders in assisting you in keeping a healthy back. I was able to pick up my sons without cringing about the thought of pain because there was no more pain.

I began to transition from "fight or flight" mentality to a calmer self-demeanor and positive approach to the external world. This happens naturally when you are feeling less pain. Shocking, I know! Your mind has more room to think and act on other rewarding opportunities. I now had more time for the better things i life: reading again;learning;applying my newfound knowledge. I realized I was taking back control of MY LIFE. The "bucket list" was back in full effect.

I'm still working on being the best person I can be every day for my sons, my friends or my coworkers. Revolution Chiropractic is getting my spine in the right position; the easing of my pain; and providing advice on living a healthier lifestyle through a holistic approach has helped me get to where I am today. Heck, I even did live underwear modeling...now who would have figured on that happening. It wasn't even on my bucket list!
Before Revolution Chiropractic, my life was busy, interesting with lots of family, friends and fun. I was still active in a career that I loved - planning for retirement- not sure what that would look like.

And I had a pain in the neck (literally) that was so constant I thought it was normal. Then a lower back pain joined the neck pain. I avoided exercise, had to be overly careful when playing with the grandkids, limited my time in a favorite activity - gardening. Allergy symptoms were constant.

I told myself I was eating healthy (and rolled my eyes when I said it). I put on 10 pounds more than I wanted.

Now, I'm just as busy and interesting with more time with family, friends and fun now that I'm retired.

And no neck pain, no back pain, more energy to do the things that I love - with the people I love. I can play with the kids and laugh instead of grab my back; went to the state fair and had a blast; vegetables, herbs and flower gardens all looking terrific! I get to spend more time with my husband, Fred, who recently joined RC and is already showing improvements. Went to the Grand Canyon, headed to Yellowstone in the fall!

I dropped the excess weight - really am paying attention to what I eat. Allergy symptoms? What are those?
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