Five Essentials

The Five Essentials

Change Your Choices, Transform Your Life

At Revolution Chiropractic, we want to give you the tools to understanding your health. Our 5 Essentials helps you establish good health by giving you the answer to "why?". It will help you remove the things in your life weighing you down, helping you reach optimal health.

By incorporating the 5 Essentials into your life, you will improve your health. When you visit Revolution Chiropractic we will help you on your journey to better health by assessing your current lifestyle. We customize a program to your body's unique needs, challenges and desires. Together, we will restore your body's power.


The most important step you can take is understanding your unique health needs and creating a successful mindset.

Renew your mindset and jumpstart your journey to better health. Make sure you receive the proper nutrients, adequate sleep and manage your stress and time.
Modern medicine treats symptoms. We want to take care of the problem so you aren't reliant on drugs. To begin, we will assess your current state of being to help gain an understanding of your unique mind and body.


Maintaining your nervous system function relies on proper spinal correction.

Your spine is the center of all function and healing. It connects cells, organs and systems throughout your body. Too often, your alignment is out of whack caused by physical, chemical and emotional stress. This can weaken the body, causing poor body function and bad health.

We will help you optimize your nerve supply, allowing your body systems to better connect. This allows you to reach peak performance, optimal health and quicker healing.


Sustain and maintain your health through proper nutrition.

You are what you eat, you've heard it before. And it's true. What you eat affects your body function and how you feel. Diets high in sugar and grains causes imbalances and deficits, leading to disease, illness and more

We will take a look at your specific needs and help you create a blueprint that works best for you. We focus on your energy, immunity, resilience, and disease and illness prevention. We can help you choose supplements to help round out your diet.

With a good diet, we can help you maximize your body's potential!


Optimize physical fitness and fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Increase oxygen by creating lean muscle. Exercise can help exceed the benefits of many drugs you may take.

Increasing lean muscle decreases fat giving you healthier look and feel. This helps you mentally and physically (both internally and externally). Your body will be able to better fight anxiety, stress, and a multitude of illnesses.

By maintaining a workout regimen, you will be able to regulate your hormones, boost your immunity and maintain a healthy body weight. Our plans are easy to fit in your busy schedule.


Remove toxins in your body permanently, naturally.

There are toxins all around us: In the cleaning products we use, in the foods we eat, in our beauty products, in our medicines and even in our kitchen products. Our bodies absorb these toxins, causing us to never reach optimum health. We will help you detox with the help of our 5 Essentials.
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